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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ultimate Field Trip

It's almost here! 

In two days my daughter and I are heading out on the ultimate field trip to the United Kingdom.  In fact I would wager that we will learn more in those six days than the typical student learns in a semester. 

How much will she learn in just six days? 

Our adventure will include history, math (we've got to convert dollars to pounds, not to mention the metric system), fashion, language, cultural studies, religion, art, law, architecture, geography, and of course we can't forget MUSIC!

This educational experience will be:
  • relevant (engaging and meaningful); 
  • rigorous (we will either learn complex material quickly or get lost/waste money/be frustrated/get a ticket/irritate the locals...);  
  • and, thankfully, my daughter has a great relationship with her teacher.  
With all components of the "3 Rs" represented, I fully expect that she will get an "A" on her culminating project.  No, I won't be giving her an assignment, but she will want to create something to remember every single experience.

Now, Tana, let's go do some authentic learning!

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